BackUp RS

BackUp RS


The long controversy whether to use round or cross canopy reserves has an end. We are following the simple principle – the best of both. The BACKUP RS combines the aeronautical advantages of the cross canopy with the easy handling of the classic round canopy. In the area of parachutes the construction-mix has been established for a long time through the T-11. To the paragliding market the system was introduced by Companion. With the BACKUP RS U-Turn offers a light alternative based on the round-square construction principle.

Since the year one U-Turn examined the advantages of different reserve

canopy shapes and continued that through countless development innovations. The new round-square construction was also put through several practical tests and revealed astonishing results in the test flights. That is how the positive features of both construction designs were enhanced. The advantage of the mix-design is a very stable sinking at a high swing resistance. Through the additional air outlets the air can escape in a controlled manner and simultaneously provide a fast opening of the rescue systems as well as stability. The opening time as well as the sinking rate was considerably reduced through elaborate calculations at the BACKUP RS series, thereby we also managed to undercut the existing EN and LFT standards. The consistent lengths of the lines drastically simplify the packing of the rescue and are easily sorted through color coding. Another innovation by U-Turn is the easy connect. Through an integrated soft-link the main bridle of the BACKUP RX can be connected with any junction neat and easy.

The overview of the advantages:

  • very high swing resistance through the square surface area
  • with flat upper side and optimized air outlets
  • low tendency to gather pace through the round-square design
  • optimized opening time through the Rapid Inflation System (RIS)
  • in combination with the air outlet valves
  • minimal sinking rate of approx.. 5 m/s
  • minimal weight through the resistant lightweight material Paratex SX20
  • maximal reliability
  • simplified packing through a packing procedure
  • that is similar to the one of a round canopy
  • simplified mounting through the Easy Connect system


Through the long standing know-how from the traditional parachute production, only state-of-the-art manufacturing procedures on highest safety standards are used during the manufacturing process of the BACKUP RS. The material-mixture is aimed at long-term durability. The used canopy material Paratex SX 20 is characterized through high resistance at low elongation features. An antistatic coating avoids the layers to stick together which additionally accelerates the opening.