The JOKER redefines the rules of the game – the principle of pure dynamics brings uncompromising extra power with high rotation speed back to the paragliding acrobatics. Once again it is about a new touchstone. The professional wing combines performance-oriented dynamics with supremely precise handling – „all it takes is a little push“. The JOKER overrides the laws and keeps up the high pressure in the canopy in between maneuvers as well. Responsible for that are the valves in the bottom sail (PBV), developed by U-Turn, in combination with the pressure-optimized geometry of the leading edge. Despite the high dynamics the JOKER has got a balanced canopy-harmony which is why the reactions are accordingly soft as well.

The wing not only performs all acro-maneuvers very swiftly, but especially scores when it comes to the connections. Through the high dynamics and fantastic turning characteristics of the glider all maneuvers can be exactly led over to and combined. The response behavior is direct and very precise, nevertheless the wing is condoning if the diming is a little bit off. The compact wing has high internal pressure with minimal control delay and still delivers a gentle feedback. The pressure at the stabilos especially was improved multiple times and creates the base for the outstanding turning features at all negative maneuvers. The exceptional athlete and Acro-Team pilot Brooke Whatnall was in charge through the development and took care of the elaborate trimming of every size over the course of one year. At this place we would also like to say thanks to the countless Joker test pilots who voiced their feedback in Organyá and thereby contributed to the perfection of this acro wing. The JOKER is optimized for Twisted Tricks, therefore Trimmer were left off the risers to keep them clean. The JOKER is delivered with TrimmLoops to simplify the readjustment of the trimming at high loads.

Acro constructer legend Ernst Strobl  trusts in the U-Turn typical High-Tech design of the leading edge with pressure-optimized opening sizes and the reinforced Precision Profile Nose (PPN) to optimize the flow-around at the nose area. The PPN+ additionally holds the individual cells in shape and ensures the air income through the rods that are worked in in the middle of the openings – in combination with the valves in the bottom sail that‘s a pure dynamic weapon. The additional aeration through the Pressure Balance Valves (PBV) in the bottom sail is an innovation by U-Turn. Through the PBV the wing is provided with the necessary pressure, even in extreme angles of attack in the aerobatics. The High Pressure Crossport Design (HPCD) optimized the lateral aeration and provides a balanced internal pressure of the glider. All line attachment points are multiply reinforced. Like at all U-Turn Acro gliders also the JOKER is equipped with the Stabilo Security Function (SSF) to quickly resolve possible problems caused by swaying movements.


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