Secure dynamics!

U-Turn launches the completely redesigned acro original THRILLER- and how they do! The traditional acro wing designer U-Turn has spent a long time to push the acro wing for professionals into a new dimension. The demands were extremely high- The X4 has to be the best acro wing of all times. The conclusion from the feedback of the test pilots is clear: Succeded!

The THRILLER X4 is a first class competition wing for pilots with acro experience and competition pilots. The wing performs not only in acro tricks very accurate, the transitions she is doing perfect too. The optimized wing tips support the fluent transition from trick to trick. The wings high dynamics allows reacting very quickly to the pilot’s commands, despite this is the feedback comparably soft. A Special focus in the development was set to calm the stabilo. This was important to achieve the perfect and calm vertical spin characteristics which are very positive performing the “heli”.

The wing has a very high dynamic, so high that we could abdicate the EAS- valves in the topsail. The proven Pressure Balance Valves PBV in the topsail ensures the pressuring under bad angels of attack. The valves keep the pressure in the wing longer on a high level. This gives extra safety when a trick is not performed with 100% accuracy. The cross ventilation is an important topic too to balance pressure differences in the canopy effective and quick. Here Strobl counts on the proven U-Turn High Pressure Crossport Design (HPCD).

The rigid LE is ensured by the Precision Profile Nose (PPN) which helps to optimize the flow all across the LE. The THRILLER X4 is manufactured on a high quality level and is designed to be sturdy. Only materials which passed our extreme life time tests with best results. In the manufacturing process we did our best to keep an exact geometry. For this we use twice reinforced sewings and reinforcement elements on all line attachment points and V-ribbs. The line loops are reinforced with the Line Loop Protection (LLP). Herefor a kevlar core is inserted in the spliced line part. The insertation prevents a line tangling.

The original, now brand new!

The THRILLER X4 is now available in the known U-Turn size graduation of 16m2, 17m2, 18m2, 20m2, 22m2 and 24,5m2.