The CROSSROCK offers safe flight fun with a maximized rise performance. An all-round wing that provides a high safety cushion and is always hungry for new aspirations. According to that the wing efficiently it works itself upwards, just as its small pack size is easily carried to the top. Its exceptional calmness during the flight should convince fast climbers as well as ambitioned cross-country pilots who place much value upon comfort.

The low end B wing combines outstanding rising features with high tolerance. Therefore it is the perfect wing for pilots who want to leave the reliable thermal spots for the first time and want to gain experiences in the world of flying cross-country. For that the CROSSROCK offers a sufficient amount of safety cushions and a good feeling which also is appreciated by ambitioned XC pilots. The sweet-tempered characteristics of the glider were already proven during the certification tests in which most maneuvers were mastered with an A.

The CROSSROCK is equipped with very round thermal features and rises reliably even if the reliable thermal lift is weak. At the same time it’s not easily disturbed in its calmness even if the air is turbulent, and that is not only offering a higher flying comfort to beginners. Nevertheless the wing is easy to turn, transforms control pulses precisely and offers a direct handling and also indicates the thermal well. The wing is not only lightweight, it’s also easily started and convinces with exceptionally good slow flight features.

The all-round wing is offering a light alternative for fast climbers – at the ascending of a mountain as well as in the reliable thermal spots and for all of those who want to rise to a higher class without renouncing the comfort factor.

Chief designer Ernst Strobl counts on the efficiency of simplification. That not only leads to a reduction of weight, but also gives the wing very good flying features. Starting at the very overseeable line concept with only a few main lines (2a, 3b, 2c) and an overall length of only 269,921m the CROSSROCK has 44 cells and a flat AR of 5,21. The Precision Profile Nose system (PPN) gives the wing high form fidelity at the cell opening, while the High Pressure Crossport Design (HPCD) provides an ideal cross aeration of the cross ports and therefore also a balanced internal pressure of the wing. At the rear end the Brake Gathering system (BGS) is called into action and gives the wing the precise brake characteristics. Exact feedback, outstanding dosing and high efficiency are what feature the system.

At the material mix equal attention was paid to maximum durability and to an ideal weight management. The used high-quality light material Dokdo 20 and Skytex 27 has double coating and is clearly superior to heavy materials in the matter of porosity. The little self-weight of the glider in combination with reinforcements is providing high form fidelity and long durability.

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